Saturday, February 2, 2008

Poetry Night - Jan 31st, 2008

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 7:15 PM 9:15 PM
Location: Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park , CA 94025
Attendees: Ray, Cyrus, Hooman, Leili


1-دو قرن سکوت نوشته عبدالحسین زرین‌کوب
We will rotate the book among us every two weeks and will each read one chapter of the book and summerize it for the poetry night attendees.

2- شاهنامه (Shahnameh)
We continued the story of ضحاک till the end of page 10. Fereydoon is now heading Baghdad with his army to end the autocracy of Zahak's corrupted government.

While the story is very engaging by itself, one keeps wondering about the hidden concepts and meanings behind these apparently simple epic stories. Ray mentioned something very interesting. The fact that Freydoon chose to fight Zahak with a mallet. "Why is that you think? Because the real fight is the fight between values!" said Ray. One uses a mallet to hit something/someone on the head. And that's the reason Ferdosi used it. From there, Ray raised another very interesting question for us. Here it is:

- who is Zahak?

We have a week to think about it. I encourage people who want to join our next event to think about it too. It will be an interesting discussion I'm sure.

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